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2023 Jr Ironman presented by WCRA Contestant List

Here is the full list of contestants that will compete at the Jr Ironman presented by WCRA March 2-4, 2023 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

  1. Dylan Hancock San Angelo, Texas - WCJR Qualifier

  2. Mason Appleton Chelsea, Oklahoma - WCJR Qualifier

  3. Ketch Kelton Mayer, Arizona - WCJR Qualifier

  4. Kreece Dearing Chico, Texas - WCJR Qualifier

  5. Clay Clayman Highlandville, Missouri - WCJR Qualifier

  6. Connor Griffith Skullbone, Tennessee - NLBRA Qualifier

  7. Evan Bottini La Junta, Colorado - NLBRA Qualifier

  8. Caleb Lake Bayfield, Colorado - NLBRA Qualifier

  9. Wyatt Williams Penrose, Colorado - NLBRA Qualifier

  10. Jake Holmes Mulberry, Kansas - NLBRA Qualifier

For more information about the Jr Ironman, click here.

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